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2422 Stanley Road (Bldg. 134), San Antonio, Texas, 78234
Our Booking PolicyQualifying customers only. (see "About Us" for eligibility) Provide email. We DO NOT assist with adverse actions or UCMJ violations. No appts avail.? Contact us. However, new appts will populate every day after 9 am except Sat/Sun, 21 days out only.


About us

The Judge Advocate provides on-time and on-target legal services to tenant organizations in the areas of military justice, adverse administrative actions and ethics, civil, operations, environmental, labor and contract law. The Judge Advocate provides individuals with preventive law and legal assistance. We provide free legal assistance in the following areas
Real Property, Financial Affairs, Family Law, Immigration, Powers of Attorney, SCRA, Taxation, Voting, Wills, USERRA, Probate.

To qualify for Legal Assistance you must have a valid military identification card and fall into one of the following categories:

Active Duty Military Members and their dependents

Reserve and Guard Members who are on active duty and their dependents

Retired military members and their dependents. If you are a "gray area" retired reservist or guardsman or a dependent of one of them, you must be receiving retirement pay to be eligible for service. Please note you must have a military ID card to be eligible.

Other individuals in unique circumstances may be eligible if they have a valid military identification card.

Opening hours

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